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Winners at MAIN BARENG AbletonIndo

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Last week, this poster caught my eyes. It was an event by AbletonIndo, MAIN BARENG (Indonesian slang for “Playing Together”). main bareng abletonindo I heard this was the pilot of the newest gig from AbletonIndo. Basically, live performance is what the event would be all about. And of course the performers are all members of AbletonIndo.

Didn’t know what to expect at the time, but as long as there is live music and cool people gathering, I’m all for it! :D

So, as stated on the poster, the event was held at Chandracom’s Auditorium, on the fifth floor of the store. And so I went… And, oh dear, how could climbing five storeys be that exhausting? Geez, I really need to get myself back in shape!

By the time I arrived, the event has already started. But I was in time for the live collaboration of Crystaline and TyaSubiakto.

And yes, I also tweeted together with the guys from AbletonIndo that we would do a little awarding for the winners of my #UnderneathYourSkin #SongRemix at this event. It couldn’t be more of a better idea since this event was also supported by Chandracom – the same sponsor of my latest giveaway – but also I could meet all the talented winners and handle the prizes to them myself.

So we did.

BEST REMIX and LIVID Guitar Wing - REDSHiFT main bareng abletonindo


BEST MIXING and Arturia Minilab - m-Tunes main bareng abletonindo

BEST MIXING and Arturia Minilab – m-Tunes

main bareng

MOST MUSICAL and AIAIAI Capital – Luwky

main bareng

JUDGE’S FAV and AIAIAI Carhatt – Helmi Prasetya

The winner for MOST ORIGINAL TRACK and NI Traktor Audio 2 Mk2, Godzimo, couldn’t make it. But we’ll take care of that later ;)

Here are some pictures of the performers at MAIN BARENG. Some of them are so-called talented beginners (so they claimed, but I didn’t buy it at all, because all of their performances were GREAT!) main bareng abletonindomain bareng abletonindo maspey joan fransiscomain bareng abletonindo luwkymain bareng abletonindomain bareng abletonindo Such a shame I couldn’t make it until the last performance. I wish I could stay longer and take more pictures, but it had been an impressing night, nonetheless. I think they should host this kind of event again! I would love to see more new talents in town or even out of town, maybe?

Thanks to Chandracom for being the generous sponsor for my giveaway, also to AbletonIndo for being awesome at helping me host it.

Did you attend MAIN BARENG last Saturday too? What did you think of the event? Leave your thoughts on the comment box below.

Until my next post! :)



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