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A Trip to Green Village & Green School (Part 1)

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OK, I get it. This is such an awfully late post! So, I found out about Green Village and Green School when I watched Elora Hardy’s talk on TedX years ago and found it pretty amazing.

I had never heard any of this place in any tourism catalogue or travel blog maybe because they didn’t promote it as a tourism spot or anything like that. So, I was really curious if this place really existed in my country. I had been looking for an opportunity to visit it someday. And then, last year I went to Bali for my friend’s wedding.

Since I had always been interested in sustainable living and renewable energy related innovation, I booked a half day tour for two people right away and planned our stay in Ubud area. Not many of my friends even knew that I had booked a tour to visit Green Village and Green School, though. I had taken a lot of amazingly beautiful photos, but had never shown them to people until this post. What a crime.

Just for your information, this is the email response you will get after you booked a tour:

Gmail - PAID - Green Village Tour Booking Invoice No. RH-3090-2015628 Green Village can provide transportation to pick you up from where you stay, but that only means more additional cost. We had already paid for $66 for a half day tour, so we chose not to add any more cost. Luckily, we stayed at Gianyar which is not very far away from Green Village, and our host offered us to rent their motorbike for… like, $6/day. Also, we had Google Maps that was rarely being precise at the time, so…

HECK. LET’S ROLL DOWN THAT GREEN RICE FIELDS AND CATCH THE BREEZE WITH THIS BIKE! (Seriously though, I really recommend you to rent a motorbike and not take a cab or rent a car if you’re thinking of cruising through Ubud area. You’ll miss the breezes, the adrenaline rush, the sounds, the smell… Ah, I just wish cruising in Jakarta could be this enjoyable!)


So, we arrived at Yoya Bale at 12.00pm and ordered lunch just in case the tour would start soon. We were the only ones on the venue though. We thought we missed the tour already.


Look at that gorgeous bookshelf! It was made entirely out of bamboo!

Look at that gorgeous bookshelf! It was made entirely out of bamboo!


At about 1.30pm, more people had gathered at the same place where we had waited. Someone welcomed us to Green Village and started the tour. First, they guided us to visit Bamboo House.

Prepare your eyes and hold your breath…

green village green schoolIMG_3459resize

green village green schoolIMG_3462resize

Each home is built by hand by the Balinese and has its own unique appearance. Each home is designed with a lot of curves and slightly shape like a boat. These curves will help bring breeze into the house and keep away the heat without having to use air conditioner. The homes are guaranteed to survived through 50 years for the least. That’s the maximum lifetime of a properly treated bamboo material. And during those times, it will require some maintenances that mostly won’t cost too much, since… it’s just bamboo! They are totally renewable and easy to grow!

Also, almost everything you see here were either custom made from local materials, planted by locals, or recycled from local waste that will surely reduce emission from transportation or importing activities.


That kitchen countertop was made from cut natural river stone. And the drawers, chairs, and sofa, were from bamboo stems.


Even the floor was made from splitted bamboo stems nailed together.

green village

My first time in a bathroom without walls. The shower tray had a lot of tiny holes that would instantly let your dirty water flow right unto the ground beneath. Oh, and you don’t flush your number two with water, by the way. Save water!

green village

green village

Can you imagine the blessing of waking up to a beautiful sunrise every single morning? Screw windows, man! Enjoy the view!

And in case you are wondering about the experience of staying in Bamboo Houses and learning to live a guilt-free and greener lifestyle, some of Bamboo Houses are available for rent. Learn more about the terms on their website

After we visited Green Village, they hinted us to continue the trip to Bamboo Factory, a factory that built every house in Green Village and Green School. I continued the trip with my rented motorbike. There, we learnt about the wonders of bamboo as a reliable alternative for building material, also their unique waste and recycling system. I even bought myself a soap made out bamboo charcoal and coconut oil. It was very good for your skin!

Unfortunately, taking pictures is prohibited here. So, I will continue with our trip to Green School on my next post!


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