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Winners from The Future! #SMARTLOOK #UnderneathYourSkin

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This is such an incredibly late post, but it is necessary.

So, after almost two months of CRAZY AWESOME submissions, a staff from Indonesian Beauty Blogger sent me this image of Top 5 Finalists of #SMARTLOOK #UnderneathYourSkin

smartlook underneath your skin

We also held a voting stage where everyone can help us decide who got the best sci-fi/futuristic make-up look. And after tough consideration, I am beyond proud to announce the winners. Here they are…

1st Prize Winner
Sheema Sherry
smartlook underneath your skin

2nd Prize Winner
Irene Widya
smartlook underneath your skin

3rd Prize Winner
Chandra Wulan
smartlook underneath your skin

Personally, I’m so in love with the creations and the concepts behind each winner’s look. So much personality shown in each of them. It feels like I can almost immediately start imagining what kind of stories I could write for each creation!

As stated, each winner will receive each of these prizes:

1. One Ascend W1 – Windows Phone 8 AND a pair of soft lenses from Softlens Asia

2. One New Smartfren Connex M1 AND a pair of soft lenses from Softlens Asia**

3. Two pairs of soft lenses from Softlens Asia

**There has been a slight change for the prize due to unavailability, so second prize winner will receive one Andromax C3. Still worth it, I promise.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who had participated. :)

Haven’t got the lucky chance to win? Guess what? #SMARTLOOK Underneath Your Skin Make-up Challenge part two is happening, yo!

Go to my Giveaway page to see if there’s any ongoing challenge you can join!



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