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narrative design bonni rambatan

There is no need to fear or hope, but only to look for new weapons – Gilles Deleuze

AHOY! How y’all doing, matey? *pirate accent*

Sorry for the lack of updates in a while. Life happens and I’ve been busy for the past couple of weeks – in a very, very good way. I’ve been helping my boyfriend with his new hat project. And it’s quite an ambitious project – like most of his projects, duh – and, of course, I love overly ambitious project!

OK, maybe I should start this blog with an introduction to the man behind the project first.

If you Google “Bonni Rambatan” right now, you’ll find his name all over the place, some of them contributed by his days in making Cosplay: The Series, one of the first Indonesian web series on YouTube that already aired for two seasons, and a novel adaptation that followed. He’s been speaking in numerous conferences, too, giving lectures in the field of critical theory and psychoanalysis.

In 2012, he directed, edited, and designed my Bahagia Adinda music video…
bahagiaadindacolor narrative design bonni rambatan…and also helped my research a lot in writing lyrics about Japanese fandom and otaku culture in Underneath Your Skin.

Currently, he’s actively posting about South East Asia social critique essays and also short fictions in his Medium publications. I post some of his pieces every once in a while. Check it out – they tell you a lot of truth!

So, it is safe to say that he’s done everything, basically – but not really, until he released the Narrative Design podcast.

narrative design bonni rambatan cjcamjoeBonni and I love to talk. And I’m sure most of you, too.

For the past three years’ ups and downs of our relationship, we owed a lot to our communications. Because, of course, communications birth a better understanding, and we need a better understanding to figure out what is happening with the world.

It would be better to have a vessel that can help communicate and reach more people in the world and create even bigger conversations… so, why not a podcast?

So, Bonni came up with Narrative Design.

narrative design bonni rambatan

Narrative Design talks a lot about culture, art, philosophy, social media, and everything that is relevant in today’s society and the stories we tell about ourselves.

Too heavy?
Well, if TMZ or HollywoodLife is what you’re into, then this might not be your cup of tea.

There will be no celebrities, but there will be experts and highly credible people sharing their intellectual thoughts and help you contemplate on things, so you won’t get jaded in life or, worse, fall into the trap of contentment.

It's a trap!


We worked hard for this. Well, of course, we don’t need to brag about it, but we’re quite proud to say this.

For weeks, Bonni and I had been doing our best in preparing the first episode of the show. We want to make it sound (and look) good.

I did the editing works, cutting and pasting, and balancing all the different recording tracks…

narrative design cjcamjoe

…and did my own recording for some kick-ass opening theme/soundtrack!

narrative design cjcamjoe bonni rambatan

Working on some waves and siren’s voices… #instavideo #teaser #upcomingproject #sirensong #nauticaltheme #recording

A video posted by CJ Camelia Jonathan (@cjcamjoe) on

While Bonni did all the writing and even made comics to make the podcast even more interesting!

1443370053893In fact, check his post here for more hints of the upcoming episodes!

All these take a lot of effort and consume a lot of time, but we also want to make them available for everyone for FREE!

You can catch Narrative Design everywhere, such as:



Or simply hit the play button above, yo!

Go give it a listen, and if you like Narrative Design and want to keep it going, we will more than welcome your support on Patreon. All your donations will support Bonni and myself in bringing you the latest of Narrative Design, and also our lives.

Thank you for reading this far. Your support means a lot for us.


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