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NOV2014 = UYS

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Hi! Didn’t I tell you on Twitter this November is going to be special…for me? :P

And I do hope it will be a special one for you too, of course!
*cue epic background music*

underneath your skin cj


It’s my newest single, Underneath Your Skin, a single that has been crafted for almost two years now. Wait…what? Yes. I know you might be thinking, “Most musicians could finish a full-length album in two years, and you could only finish one single?” I will tell you why…on another post.

I will try depicting about all the:
Two years of waiting.
Two years of hard work.
Two years of endless proposals.
Two years of contemplation.
Two years of rejections.
Two years of tears here and there.
Hey, I said I was going to share you more of my stories, didn’t I?

So, if you are wondering by now, “Where can I get Underneath Your Skin?” (forgive the lame pun) Head over to Rolling Stone Indonesia’s official website, you can get it there for FREE! (Or just click on the image above, and it will take you to the where you should be.) Yay for freebies!

While you’re still in doubt, just watch this teaser video I made featuring the Indonesian version of Nobita, Mr. Dennis Adishwara. Oh, and if you are interested in more free stuffs, I am collaborating with the beautiful people from Indonesian Beauty Blogger for a Make-up Challenge Giveaway! Head over to their official website here and find out how you can win free gadgets and free soft lenses!

If you happen to be an aspiring musician like myself, there will be this Song Remix Challenge Giveaway going on too! I will be working with Ableton Indonesia and will release the announcement pretty soon, so make sure not to miss anything! We got awesome prizes you could win. And I mean, AWESOME PRIZES THAT YOU WOULDN’T WANT TO MISS!

Be healthy and see you soon!


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