Lessons on The Art of Tackiness in Motel Mexicola

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How much of tackiness can one handle? When does tackiness become too much and just unenjoyable?

motel mexicola cjcamjoe

As an aspiring artist, I love to dress up. I’m not saying I have the best style or taste in town. Well, I’m not rich, I can’t afford too many clothes for the sake of glorifying my aesthetic cravings, and when you’re not rich, it’s too easy to fall into the “Deep Well of Bad Taste” and ugly clothes. And I’m not even trying to bash anyone who’s not pretty enough. (Insert that “Don’t judge a book by its cover” quote here)

Sometimes, we are just not easy-on-the-eye enough.

I have friends and family members who just have a really, really bad taste. Despite how nice these people are in person, I found their tacky style almost offensive sometimes.

How come? Let’s see…

Is it appropriate to show up in a wedding party with holed-denim pants?
Is it a good idea to wear a tribal black temporary tattoo with an elegant white bridesmaid’s tube gown?
Is it a good idea to wear a yellow summer dress with neon green classic Crocs?
Is it offensive to wear a T-shirt with offensive messages written all over it?

I don’t judge people from the way they look. But most of the time, clothes don’t lie.

Style is an individual thing. And there’s a message in everything. In what you wear, in how you decorate your room. They scream something. You wear what you think represents you, or what you want others to think of you. (Well, why do you think I dyed my hair green? It was indeed a cathartic decision, but it doesn’t mean I chose the color green for nothing.)

The main reason why a supposedly-individual-matter can be considered as bad taste, or, worse, offensively inappropriate, is because there are many people that aren’t even aware what the heck style really is. They are not aware that clothes can talk.

But there’s a difference in how a tacky fashion is just simply bad on the eyes and how the indulgence in the art of tackiness is delicious, daring, and… simply easy-on-the-eye.

And what they did with Motel Mexicola is just the latter. It’s just simply TACKYLICIOUS!

IMG_3417resize IMG_3438resize IMG_3449resize motel mexicola cjcamjoe

You could see the overwhelming colorful paintings everywhere, overlapped by numerous of random framed photos – not even symmetrically placed. But when you stroll around them, they don’t scream against each other. They complement the aesthetic of this colorful quirky madness that won’t bore you with its spicy dishes and drinks!

My boyfriend tweeted when we were spending our afternoon drinking and finishing our late lunch. He ordered Unidentified, something with this description:

“Fresh Muddled Raspberry, Lychee, Pickled Jalapeno and Elderower, Shaken and Charged with Lemon Soda”

Let me tell you, it was the most odd drink I’ve ever tasted, but also SO GOOD at the same time! It was supposedly sweet with the raspberry syrup, but also burning spicy at the same time because of the jalapeno, and the lemon soda added that ticklish feeling on your tongue. I’m kinda addicted to it. I mean, who would ever thought they could complement each other so much, right? This is exactly what is portrayed by that perfect juxtaposition of tackylicious-ness Motel Mexicola has.

And how your style is supposed to, too. :)

OK, one last thing. My favorite photo in Motel Mexicola!

motel mexicola cjcamjoe

Thank you for reading.

Keep defining your own style!



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