How to Wear an Oversized Tee

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oversize tee

I’m pretty sure everybody’s got that oversized item stuck in her closet from time to time. Mostly presents from relatives that don’t really fit, or some “one size fits all” kinda stuff.

As for myself, I’ve been in love with this one oversized cuteness for a while, now. I bought it one time solely because it has two bunnies chilling out together on the chest. And, of course, bunnies are awesome!

There are lots of tutorials you might find all over the internet on how to wear this kind of fashion item and make it work. I’ve tried some of the tips some time ago and I happen to have the time to post it now (yes, these will be some of my throwback pictures).

So here are three ways that I try to wear an oversized tee:

  1. When in doubt, wear denim
    You can never go wrong with denim. They are really comfortable and can be worn in almost any weather, indoors or outdoors. As long as it’s not a wedding party, you can always look stylish with denim. Hide the oversized silhouettes by putting your favorite jacket on top of it.
    how to oversized tee cjcamjoe DSC_0298resize DSC_0278resizeDSC_0296resize
  2. When imbalance, tuck it in
    With pencil skirt that hugs the lower part of your body against your oversized tops, it surely will add balance to your look. Since I have a petite figure, I would prefer high-waisted skirt or shorts, though. They will redefine where your waistline starts and make your legs appear longer. Choose girly heels or boots to add more attitude to your look.
    DSC_0310resize how to oversized tee cjcamjoe DSC_0337resize
  3. When feeling girly, add belt
    It’s obvious, right? If your have extra length from your tee enough to cover your thigh, grab a belt and turn it into a dress! You can also wear a pair of ankle boots, bowler hat, and accessories for an even more fun look. how to oversized tee cjcamjoe DSC_0358resize

There you have it. Well, I am sure many of you have more ideas of how to style your clothes than me! However, fashion is useless if it cannot boost up your confidence and show the best side of yourself.

So, have fun with it! ;)


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