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Hello World!

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It’s Saturday, 5 PM on the clock.

If you happen to be one of those first people reading this on the day this site is launched, it must mean it’s November 1st for you. And, so, to you, I wanna say this quick:

Welcome to My Collaborative Playground. YES YES YES! IT’S FINALLY LAUNCHED!
And it is I, CJ, who’s writing this first post myself on behalf of my website to greet you!

So, “HELLO, WORLD!” Here’s an image of newborn baby representing my brand new website.

my collaborative playground hello world

Ain’t that exciting? No, not the baby. My website, of course!

For me, it is… Heck, I finally have my own site, woohoo! XD

Now, I hope I did a great job giving you the impression of how excited and proud I am with my new site. No? Well, ain’t you a good guesser! Sure it’s only one of those ways I choose to hide the fact of how nervous I really am! Writing your first post on your very first blog could be really scary, you know. I hope I’m not trying too hard, though.

But fear is an illusion.

Well, only if you want to believe it that way, of course. Like what I am doing right now, writing this silly first post (yes, I know it’s silly, so quit staring at me like that) trying to distract the scared side of myself with an overblown portion of excitement. Yeah, everyone needs some distraction every once in a while. And now, it’s a good reason to do that, so I took my risk. :P

Who am I to you and who are you to me that makes me feel the need to share you my story of my fear and anxiety? It doesn’t matter. If you are one of my friends who know me personally and know what I am talking about, thanks for dropping by. Text me sometime and let me know you dropped by? If you are someone who know nothing about me but are still reading this far, well, hello there, Stranger! Thanks for reading my post! Can’t wait to get to know each other more. Say hi to me on my comment section?

I hope I make a good enough first impression. I hope at least I don’t creep anybody out too much. ;)

Can’t wait to talk about more things on my next post! Be sure to subscribe! Yeay!


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