Global Climate March 2015, Jakarta (PHOTOS)

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November 29th, 2015. A beautiful day to see a bunch of awesome people marching for a noble cause. Time for Global Climate March, y’all! climate march DSC_1089recolor_resizeDSC_1090recolor_resizeclimate marchDSC_1093recolor_resizeglobal climate march20151129_083903recolor_resizeclimate marchDSC_1135recolor_resizeDSC_1140recolor_resizeDSC_1136recolor_resizeDSC_1143recolor_resizeDSC_1159recolor_resize Thanks to everyone who showed and shared positive energy throughout Car Free Day. I can feel the good vibe, and it was overwhelming… Find more about Global Climate March and other related important issues on: http://globalclimatemarch.org/ http://350.org/ http://www.walhi.or.id/ #ClimateJustice #ClimateMarch #GlobalMarch #COP21 #TinjuMusuhAlam #TolakReklamasi #MelawanAsap March on! CJ

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