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So, in case you didn’t know yet, my latest single – Underneath Your Skin – draws A LOT references from Japanese popular culture. I am not otaku, but I think Japanese has one of the most interesting popular culture in the whole world, there are just too many things to observe about it.

That’s why, I created this character, CJ04 – a future virtual girl – with many personalities you can choose. Some of the many, we’ve chosen to go with 5 girl archetypes. I will blog more about them on other post. For now, let me just introduce you to two of my favorite!

smartphone giveaway smartphone giveaway

(In case you were wondering, I was using 20mm More Ecstatic Blue from Softlens Asia.)

Now, I know it’s January already, but I still kinda in the mood of giving a few more smartphones for a little while…

So, how about if we just start another make-up challenge with even more awesome prizes? HELL YEAH!

smartphone giveaway

How to enter:

  1. Create a EXOTIC JAPAN theme look inspired from my new song, Underneath Your Skin. You can download it here.
  2. Embed this video on your submission post.
  3. Don’t forget to feature the Giveaway banner above and link to IBB’s official Facebook Fanpage.
  4. Follow and like these accounts (on Instagram or Twitter): @CJcamjoe, @smartfrenworld, @SoftlensAsia, @BeautyBloggerID, take a screenshot of them, and include them on your submission post as proofs.
  5. Share your post via social media with the hashtags #SMARTLOOK and #UnderneathYourSkin.
  6. Submit your post’s URL here.

Another important notes:

  • You can enter your submission until 28 January 2015.
  • Open for everyone who joined IBB Facebook Group. If you haven’t joined yet, here’s a link to it.
  • The inspired look must be done on your own face. You may create up to 3 different looks in one post, though.
  • Don’t forget to post your submission with “SMARTLOOK Underneath Your Skin” included in the title.
  • ALL SUBMITTED LOOKS will be featured on My Collaborative Playground’s gallery! :D

I found so many great submissions from last make-up challenge I held with Indonesian Beauty Blogger. So, I can’t hardly wait to see even more awesome submissions on this smartphone giveaway.

Good luck.


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