Enjoying Exquisite The Mulia, Nusa Dua

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the mulia nusa duaIt was the D-day of my friend’s wedding and we only had half a day for free time. So, my friends suggested that we go to The Mulia Resort at Nusa Dua for a stroll and pictures. Well, you can’t help it — nowadays, holiday mostly means millions of pictures! Err… Millions of pictures you can post on Instagram or other social media that is.

the mulia nusa dua cjcamjoe 20150704_125958resize 20150704_124411resize

You can tell this super exquisite hotel will cost you a lot for just one night.

You know? There is a difference between being overwhelmed and getting intimidated, and honestly, I was feeling quite intimidated by the lavish design of this place.

I can only afford their delicious desserts!

20150704_122104resize 20150704_122049_resize IMG_3348resize IMG_3351resizeSo, I grabbed their choux and éclair and took more photos before they could kick us out!

the mulia nusa dua

IMG_3338resizethe mulia nusa dua


By the way…
I got this mustard yellow halterneck dress from one of my aunts and it’s been hiding in my closet since forever. Never wore it once, since I was not really a fan of this color. But now that I tried them on, I LOVE IT! Especially because I think they really complimented my green hair. Add fuchsia color on your lips or accessories, just because they were meant to be together!

the mulia nusa dua cjcamjoe

Until my next Bali trip post!


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