Eid mubarak

Eid Mubarak, Fellas!

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Eid mubarak



What are you doing on this special day?
I was reading another interesting article on Jakarta Post, written by Bonni Rambatan, titled Evil Cannot Show Remorse, But Our Leaders Can. 

Here’s a snippet of the article:

“There is a famous Indonesian Idul Fitri song by Ismail Marzuki that contains the lyrics: Selamat, para pemimpin/Rakyatnya makmur terjamin (Congratulations, leaders/The prosperity of your people is guaranteed).hdfgdfssdsfsd

This pop song of the 1950s found its way back into the mainstream after a repopularization by a few young female Indonesian singers, most notably Tasya (circa 2002) and Gita Gutawa (circa 2010).

What cannot but tickle the ears is the inclusion of such lyrics in the middle of popular discontent against the country’s leaders. 

I mean, what gives? Clearly, what with poverty running rampant and mudik (homecoming) continuing to be a nationwide logistical challenge (often a deadly one at that), the prosperity of the people is far from guaranteed. 

Was the song state-sponsored? It doesn’t seem likely.

Another interesting thing about the post-2000 version of the song: It has been completely stripped of its troubling 1950s aspects — from gambling to alcoholism to wife-beating — only showing its wonderful sunshine-and-daffodils side: new clothes, forgiving others and so on. 

Interestingly, Gita Gutawa’s clip features a small child playing the part of a pickpocket who gets caught nearthe end of the song, only to be forgiven so everyone can sing along and dance to the happy music.

What do we see here, in the two different renditions of the same song, if not a progress of ideology in Indonesia?”

Read the rest of the article here.

Keep feeding those brains with relevant readings!


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