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That Day When Demi Lovato Decided to Take Her Clothes Off

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It was around 8 AM in the morning. I intended to sleep in on the weekend, but failed big time. Unable to find my way back to sleep, I grabbed my phone and checked my Twitter feed for something worth reading. I noticed this World Wide Trending Topic hashtag, #WeAreProudOfYouDemi, and I thought, “Uh… Demi who? Demi Lovato? What kind of publicity stunt she’s done this time?”

I’ve never been a fan of Demi Lovato.

I’ve always found myself disliking every news and interviews of Demi Lovato. I didn’t know if it was just the way the media and her publicity works. But no matter how great her voice and the things she did were, she just seemed ineloquent to me most of the time she started talking.

There was this one time she spoke about feminism and I wished she would just shut up. Her interviews here-and-there were redundant. They always got me thinking that she was just another teenager trying too hard to be cool.

But this time, her action spoke louder than her words.

Scrolling through the Vanity Fair article, I was simply amazed by the series of photos. “No make-up, no clothes, no retouch,” so to say. It was very sexy, but nothing pornographic — a term that many people still can’t seem to understand.

demi lovato #weareproudofyoudemi demi lovato vanity fair #weareproudofyou 4 53(You know it’s coming, right?)

Well, of course, I agree. You don’t need to be naked to be confident. But also, I believe that you certainly don’t need make-up, or clothes, or even photoshop to be confident!

So your argument is invalid.

Confidence bursts out from the inside, from the comfort of baring your soul, from the comfort of being your true self. And the nude photos of Demi Lovato — and many other artists who have done similar photoshoots for the sake of it — is meant as a metaphor, a representation of that.

Posing nude takes heck of a lot of guts, especially if you’re a woman. I live in a world where when you are raped, the first question people ask will be, “What clothes were you wearing?” or “How much of your body did you bare?” as if it were the clothes that protect our dignity.

demi lovato nude vanity fair #weareproudofyourdemi

credits to Gauduchon (link)

Taking them off means more vulnerability to deal with. And taking them off challenges us to see if one is not less human than the rest of us. I want to believe that the value of our humanity is not determined on how much or how less of clothes we put on ourselves, or how perfectly in place, in size, and symmetrical our limbs are.

amypurdy nude

credits to ESPN (link)

When we celebrate nude art like Demi’s, we are not celebrating the fact that she is naked or how gorgeous her body is or how much we can fap to it. We celebrate the aspiration she shares; her strength, her bravery to face the vulnerability and say, “This is simply me, my body, and nothing can bring me down.”

And that is something worth applauding for.


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