Softlens Asia

I wanna say thank you to my dear friend at Softlens Asia, Ellen Joy, who had supported my #SMARTLOOK Underneath Your Skin Giveaway. I asked her if she could sponsored my giveaway and said yes right away. And the best thing about our collaboration is that she was really supportive and showed a lot of concern in the publication in order to make this giveaway really works. She was the best, I feel really fortunate for this chance.

Me, myself, always do my daily contact lens shopping at Softlens Asia, because I know only at there, I can get not only the best price, but also many options to choose for my often quirky needs. I mean, they are the largest imported soft lens distributor in Indonesia, no kidding!

If you have a huge crush on Korean or Japanese soft lens such as, GEO, EOS, More, EyeCandy, etc, then shopping at Softlens Asia surely won’t disappoint you!

Get in touch with my gorgeous friend at:

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