Indonesian Fingerstyle Guitarist Community (IFGC)

I met Kevin Nikolas at the time when I was working on my third single, Bahagia Adinda. He introduced me to this very creative community, IFGC, home of very talented laptappers, fingerstylists, and everything that’s in between.

I wanna thank Kevin Nikolas, Andri Guitara, Iqbal, Adhina Nugraha, and Randy Octavian – who has become a really handsome husband for one of bestfriend – for the collaboration we had. It was only one time, but it has been a really valuable lessons for me. Not to forget, I really love how this collaboration turned out in the end, and I am really glad I ever did this for once in my lifetime with these people.

Please continue being a home for every other great guitarists and musicians!

Are you a guitar lover? Please check out IFGC on social media:

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