Indonesian Beauty Blogger

I never met Hanna Anindhita in person. She is the founder of Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB), community based on a shared interest of beauty topics. But I wanna say that she has my respect and I wanna thank her, also everyone from IBB who had helped me realising #SMARTLOOK Underneath Your Skin Giveaway.

As far as I know, IBB conducts the following monthly routines:

  1. IBB Make-up Challenge. Thematic make-up competition such as in #SMARTLOOK Underneath Your Skin Giveaway
  2. Blogger of The Month. Here, one blogger per month is interviewed and featured on IBB’s official website.

IBB has a Facebook group with more than 6000 members. It is a great place to improve your quality as a blogger and get you the more recognition that you deserve. Are you a beauty enthusiast or an aspiring beauty blogger? If yes, I’ll recommend you to check their Facebook Group and be a part of the community today!

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