Ableton Indonesia

Thanks to Ableton Indonesia (AbletonIndo), especially to Gizky Harry, Mardial, MasPey (Joan), and Billy Kurniadi who had been a great help in making Underneath Your Skin Song Remix Challenge into reality.

I have never been a member of the community, but I have a great respect for them as the people from the community has been really supportive in our one time collaboration.

Aside from hosting monthly gatherings consisting of workshops and gigs at various locations, the community has also released three compilation albums – “All 4 Live” – available for free download. These compilation albums were produced, contributed, mixed, mastered, and designed by all the members in AbletonIndo community. The latest one, “All 4 Live: The Sound of Nature”, features my fourth single, Underneath Your Skin.

If you are an inspiring music producer, or wanting to learn more about how to master Ableton Live software, or simply just trying to find a like-minded people to share your music aspiration, I really recommend you to check if AbletonIndo is the right place for you. You can get to know more or join the community by getting in touch with them on social media:

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