Who I Am and Why We Should Collaborate?

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Hello. My name is Camelia Jonathan, “CJ” for short.
I am an aspiring musician and artist. Well, not that kind of celebrity wannabe. Just one of those naïve people making good art and trying not to be too pretentious while at it. :P

I make music…on YouTube. Yes, I make music and make a video out of it and release them on my channel. Every video compliments every song I make. So, I try to make my music easy for your ears and eyes.

But I do hope the music I made don’t end where you found them easy for your ears. I love pop music. People say pop is overrated. Well, overrated or not, there is no other thing that keeps me going with music but pure honesty. I want to speak, I want to relate, I want to live. I want to keep redefining the whole songwriting process I go through. Hopefully it could redefine myself as an artist and as a human being too.

But I can’t do this alone. Which is why, for two years now, I have been collaborating for my music projects. I need to be in touch with people; I find it exciting and inspiring at the same time. No joke. And, I believe, even though the result would still be my work, every touch and participation leaves a mark that completes my music as a whole, and I couldn’t be more proud of it.

Well, I could. If I could have more money and improve more technical qualities, though. I have to be honest, right? But my pride in the things that I do is beyond those lacks, so even though I can’t play any ‘real’ instrument, and even though I do not have my own studio, I still can make my music do what they are created to.

That is, to touch you, guys…
And get back at me!


Now, why should these people bother to get back at me and tell me their feelings towards my music? I am not that important to them. And I don’t think I would even bother to spare my time listening to some lame music I don’t like. So, does that mean I’ve made good music? Good enough to lead some people to leave positive comments about it? I believe I have. But don’t take my word for it — just go check it here for yourself. :)

Am I trying to brag? It depends. If sparing a moment and a paragraph to appreciate the ones who have listened to your music is included is within the definition of bragging, I’ll be happily guilty and shamelessly admit that!

I usually use my Facebook and Twitter to share my songwriting process and stories. (check out these hashtags: #CJProjects and #CJProject1 to #CJProject4) Because I am the kind of person who finds background stories about works of art sometimes more interesting than the actual works themselves, and, of course, mostly, help me understand the art and appreciate the works more. And now that I have My Collaborative Playground, I can share with you more of my stories. Yay for that!

How do you like me now? ;) Until my next post!


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