Car Free Day: #n00b and #JOFIE

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It was my first time going to Car Free Day. I am such a n00b! XD

Got up at 4.30 AM that morning, Sunday, November 2nd. Finally managed to get my ass up that early to go to Car Free Day (CFD). You know? That ideal day to have a morning run without having to worry you’ll get hit by a car and die? Yup.

So, I went there wearing dark leggings, thin long-sleeve-tee with a tank top underneath, and regretted my wardrobe choice as soon as I got there.

IT WAS SOOO HOOOOOTTT… My clothes were wet all of sudden! I should’ve left my house with just shorts and tank top. No OOTD then, thanks to my first n00b’s mistake. Next time, CFD equals dress minimal plus large bottle of mineral water, lol.

So, My first impression of CFD is…

Random… Really. There were so many communities doing activities and somebody doing something promoting everything, from offering free medical check ups to singing songs about children abuse. Quite amusing, though. If only there were more street performers, it would be even better. :)

jofie car free day joget selfie joget selfie jofie car free day joget selfie jofie car free day car free day joget selfie jofie

So, as I walking around, I came near this Smartfren’s stage which was so crowded with the audience. I guess it was just another of their routine, doing events every month? But not too long after the hosts went down the stage, I saw some people breakdancing in front of the fountain to the tune of Pharell William’s Happy. Before I knew it, the front gate of Hotel Indonesia had turned into a giant flashmob with thousands people doing this Joget Selfie aka #JOFIE aka selfie dance.

joget selfie jofie car free dayjofie joget selfie car free day jofie joget selfie car free dayjofie joget selfie car free day


Oh, and you wanna know what’s cooler? I just found out from their official site that Smartfren is holding a Jofie Video Competition and Jofie Meme Competition! You could win their latest Andromax phone for free by following these easy rules!

Smartfren Jofie Joget selfie 2 Smartfren Jofie Joget selfie 3

Click on the image to go to further details about the Jofie competition on their site. The submission will end on November 9th, so you’d better hurry! :D

Until my next post!


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