And The Wind Will Blow… (A Poem)

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and the wind will blow cj camelia jonathanDSC_0569edit

wind cjcamjoe


And the wind will blow
Carrying along the pain and sorrow
Bad news and condolences

And the wind will blow
Carrying along the breeze to relieve your stress,
also a hurricane in particular days

Life is such a mess
A cycle of choices
A complicated web of thread of consequences
It is barely strategic, a rhythm in a void
It is never “what it meant to be”

You cut off my strings and let me go
to a journey I behold, out on my own
And who knows that one day the wind will blow?
Carrying me back to someone that I used to know

and the wind will blow camelia jonathan cj and the wind will blow cjcamjoe camelia jonathan cj


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