That #SMARTLOOK Underneath Your Skin…

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I am not a beauty blogger, but I always have that admiration for people who craft their art with make-up. It’s always surprising how make up seem to do magic too. It’s not always about making pretty faces, but also to add attitude and balance in every color and shade.

Well, I don’t like putting make-up on myself that much, but back when I was still working on Underneath Your Skin, I knew from the start that it require a special consideration for visual appearances, and that’s gotta be done with make up. I didn’t want to just sound good, but also to give flesh to visualize what the song is about. I mean, why not, right? As an artist, you can always add one thing and another to your creation if you think it would help deliver your message better. If you think it could help your audience to experience your work better.

underneath your skin smartlook

With the help of sleek blonde wig and 20mm More Ecstatic Blue from Softlens Asia…voilà!

So, we came up with the idea of depicting myself as CJ04, a virtual girl with multiple personalities you can choose to suit your idea of an ideal life partner, portraying the convenience offered from our technology nowadays, how it’s getting more and more personalized, intimate, and…intelligent. But I guess that’s just me when imagining about our relationship with technology in a very near future. Well, how about you? What crosses your mind when you think about the future? I would like to know! :)

And since it’s still a special month for my new single, Underneath Your Skin, there will be always a good reason for holding an exciting giveaway, right? *nods maniacally* So, as part of my new single’s release, I’m collaborating with Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB) community, Smartfren, and Softlens Asia for a Make-up Challenge Giveaway!

smartlook underneath your skin

Klik di sini untuk versi Bahasa Indonesia :)


  • One Ascend W1 – Windows Phone 8 AND a pair of soft lenses from Softlens Asia
  • One New Smartfren Connex M1 AND a pair of free soft lenses from Softlens Asia
  • Two pairs of soft lenses from Softlens Asia

smartlook underneath your skin smartlook underneath your skin How to enter:

  1. Create a sci-fi/futuristic theme look inspired from my new song, Underneath Your Skin. You can download it here.
  2. Embed this video  on your submission post.
  3. Don’t forget to feature the Giveaway banner above and link it to IBB’s official website.
  4. Follow and like these accounts: @CJcamjoe, @smartfrenworld, @SoftlensAsia, take a screenshot of them, and include them on your submission post as proofs.
  5. Share your post via social media with the hashtags #SMARTLOOK and #UnderneathYourSkin.
  6. Submit your post’s URL here.

Another important notes:

  • You can enter your submission from 1 until 20 December 2014.
  • Open for everyone who joined IBB Facebook Group. If you haven’t joined yet, here’s a link to it.
  • The inspired look must be done on your own face. You may create up to 3 different looks in one post, though.
  • Don’t forget to post your submission with “IBB Make Up Challenge November 2014 SMARTLOOK Underneath Your Skin” as the title.
  • ALL SUBMITTED LOOKS will be featured on My Collaborative Playground’s gallery! :D

So, if you happen to be an aspiring beauty blogger, a make-up enthusiast, or even a technology geek who finds it challenging, YOU ARE MOST WELCOME! Prepare that face and get crazy with ideas! Share me your creation and imagination!

Can’t wait.


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